Fear Of Falling

Brisbane/Sydney 1989-



Your Place                  1990    3

Single   AUS   Phantom

Butler to Your Masquerade   1990

Single   AUS   Phantom

For The Tourist             1991

Single   AUS   Phantom

Crossroads of Reality       1991

Single   AUS   Phantom

Welcome To Wonderland       1992

CD       AUS


Cole Adam (d) 1992- The Dinky Flyers, The Dead Ringers, The Big Lummox
Coombe Neil (g,v) 1989- Bad Habit, 42nd Street
Grubb Caroline (b) 1989-1991 ---
Lee Kerry (v) 1989- ---
McElligott Mark (d) 1989-1991 ---
Simpson Cas (b) 1991- ---

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