The Ferrets

Sydney/Melbourne 1975-1979



Dreams Of A Love    1977   ??   Produced by Molly Meldrum

LP   AUS   Mushroom
     UK    Charisma (issued 1978)

Fame At Any Price   1978   ??   Produced by Tony Cohen

LP   AUS   Mushroom

Contribution to album

Nightmovin' Live   1977
Mushroom 25 Live   1998


Brewer Rick (d) 1976-1979 The Mermen, The Third Party, Zoot, Cashbox, Whale Man, I'Tambu, Jim Keays' Southern Cross, The Motivators
Cross George (b) 1978 Clydehouse, Jim Keays Band, Jim Keays' Southern Cross
Eisenberg Philip (g) 1975-1977 Mighty Guys
Firth Ken (b) 1975-1978
Miller Billy (g,v) 1975-1979
Miller Jane (bv,k) 1976-1978
Miller Pam (bv) 1976-1977
Petropolis Ric (b) 1978-1979 Last Chance Cafe, The Motivators
Springfield Dave (g) 1975-1979 Buster Brown, The Motivators, Lead Western, The Spaniards

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