Mark Ferrie



Unhappy          1982

Single   AUS   Mushroom

Actual Reality   1994

CD       AUS

Nuts and Bolts   1997

CD       AUS

with Andrew Pendlebury:
Late Night at the Nicholas Building    2003

CD       AUS

Contribution to album

The Woodstock Sessions   2000


Orchestra of Skin and Bone   mlp   Orchestra of Skin and Bone   1986
Sacred Cowboys               lp    Trouble From Providence      1988

Session musician

Peter Lillee           lp    Guitar Method                          1981
Stephen Cummings       lp    Senso                                  1984
Modern Jazz            lp    The Nude                               1986
Andrew Pendlebury      lp    Between The Horizon And The Dockyard   1987
Bohdan X               mlp   King Snake                             1988
Christopher Marshall   cd    Strange Waters, Small Mercies          1998


Myriad 1976-1977 Carrl Myriad, Andrew Pendlebury, Phil Smith, Chris Wilson, Richard Doctors, Andrew Forrer
Models 1979-1982,2001
Sacred Cowboys 1982-1985
Beasts of Bourbon 1983
Stephen Cummings Band 1983
Red Skeletons 1984/1985 Tony Conquer, Uschi Flett, Rob O'Connor, Neil Osborne, Nick Rieshbeth
The Slaughtermen 1984-1987,1989
The Gospel According To St Kilda 1985 Terry Doolan, Des Heffner, Andrew Pendlebury, Ian Stephen
Love And Crackers 1986 Tony Conquer, Uschi Flett, Rob O'Connor, Neil Osborne, Nick Rieshbeth
The Real McCoys 1987-1988
Sacred Cowboys 1987-1991
The Welcome Strangers 1989
The Trailblazers 1990-1991 Nick Grant, Martin Lubran, Lisa Miller, Tony Thornton
Long Black Limousine 1993
Truckasaurus 1993-
Sacred Cowboys 1994-1997
Christopher Marshall Band 1997-
Stephen Cummings Band 2002-
The Mercurials 2003-

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