Sydney 1973-1978,1978-1979



Out Of Control        1974    2

Single   AUS   Picture PRS 011

Thunderbird           1976

LP       AUS   Eagle

Nothing To Hide       1977   ??   Produced by Peter Dawkins

LP       AUS   Epic ELPS3879
         AUS   Portrait PR 33006 (re-issue 1978)

Drouyn (Soundtrack)   197?

LP       AUS   Rainbow

Nothing To Hide       1978   ??   Produced by Peter Dawkins

LP       USA   Portrait JR 35450 (same as Finch "Nothing To Hide", different cover)

Contraband            1979   ??   Produced by Peter Dawkins

LP       AUS   Portrait PR 33015


Cram Barry (d) 1978-1979 Session, Michael Turner in Session, Russell Morris Band, Avalanche, Ray Burgess Band, Pantha, Contraband, Front Page, Mick Pealing and The Ideals, Tinsley Waterhouse Band
Evans Mark (b) 1973-1976,1978-1979 AC/DC, Cheetah, Swanee, Beast, Heaven, Hellcats, The Headhunters, Rolling Clones, Party Boys, Sons Of Steel, The Tom Cats, Zoo
Hinds David (g,v) 1977-1978,1978-1979 Marshall Brothers, Rabbit, Highway, Mick Pealing and The Ideals
Hughes Matt (org) 197? Katmandu, Ginger, Divinyls, The Venetians
Jones Chris (g) 1975-1977 TV Jones, White Heat, Feather, Good Question
Kennedy Graham (g,v) 1973-1978,1978-1979 The Results, Forever 15
McFarlane Peter (d) 1976-1978,1978 Swanee, Chris Turner Band, Kakadu
Mallet Sam (g) 1976-1978 Mae West
Orford Owen (v) 1973-1978,1978-1979 Stillwater, The Toys, The Mystery Band
Pereira Sketa (g) 1977-1978 Blowin' Free, Desert Rat
Quince Gary (g) 1973-1976 Shadowfax, Redhouse, Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
Spencer Bob (g) 1973-1977 Skyhooks, Mystery Band, Fandango, Honeymoon, Young Lions, The Angels, Black Cat Moan, The Puppy Bashers, The Temple Gods, The Choirboys
Strain Tony (b) 1976-1977
Thompson Graham (b) 1977-1978

Sources of information: AC/DC Electric Shock, The AC/DC FAQ V2.27, Mark Ellison
© Magnus Holmgren
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