Neil Finn



Try Whistling This      1998   13   Produced by Neil Finn, Marius De Vries, Tchad Blake and Jim Moginie

CD          AUS   Parlophone 72434 95139 21
            AUS   Parlophone (with six track bonus disc, issued late 1998)
            EUR   Capitol
            JAP   EMI (1 bonustrack "Tokyo")
            USA   Work/Sony OK 69372

I Can See Clearly Now   1999    3   Produced by Neil Finn, Gavin Greenaway, Danny Jacob and Jay Rifkin

CD-Single   AUS   Parlophone 7243 88 72162 2

Can You Hear Us         1999    3   Produced by Neil Finn and Sam Gibson

CD-Single   NZL   Parlophone 8877822 (comes with videotape)

One Nil                 2001   12   Produced by Tchad Blake, Neil Finn and Mitchell Froom

CD          AUS   EMI 72435 32112 26
            EU    EMI 72435 32039 24
            USA   Nettwerk I320058 (issued 2002, entitled "One All", different cover, tracks and mixes)

7 Worlds Collide        2001   17

CD          AUS
            UK    EMI 72435 36645 27
            USA   Nettwerk (issued 2002)

Contribution to album

ENZSO                                      1996
Princess Diana tribute                     1997
ANTZ (soundtrack)                          1998
The Underwater Melon Man                   1999
Other Enz - Split Enz and Beyond           1999
Triple J - Five Alive                      1999
Andrew Denton's Musical Challenge          2000
Andrew Denton's Musical Challenge Vol. 2   2001
Cold - Live At The Chapel Vol. 2           2001
Rain (Soundtrack)                          2001
KCRW Sounds Eclectic                       2001
KMTT On The Mountain, Vol.8                2002
The Latest Collection, The Panel 3         2002
I Am Sam (Soundtrack)                      2002
Maybe This Christmas                       2002
KPRI Live Tracks - Volume 1                2003


Karen Ansell               s    No Commotion          1983
Crowded House              lp   Crowded House         1986
Crowded House              cd   Woodface              1991
Emma Paki                  cd   Greenstone            1994
Dave Dobbyn                cd   Twist                 1994
The Mutton Birds           cd   Nature                1995
Finn                       cd   Finn                  1995
Moana and The Moahunters   cd                         1998
The Stereo Bus             cd   Brand New             1999   (executive producer)
Mark Lizotte               cd   Soul Lost Companion   1999
Finn Brothers              cd   Everyone Is Here      2004
Crowded House              cd   Time On Earth         2007

Session musician

Phil Manzanera                lp    K Scope                          1978
Citizen Band                  lp    Just Drove Through Town          1979
Big Choir                     lp    Sing                             1984
Tim Scott                     lp    The High Lonesome Sound          1987
Tim Finn                      lp    Tim Finn                         1989
Hunters and Collectors        lp    Ghost Nation                     1989
Archie Roach                  cd    Charcoal Lane                    1990
Mark Seymour and Paul Kelly   cds   Hey Boys                         1992
Tim Finn                      cd    Before and After                 1993
Yothu Yindi                   cd    Freedom                          1993
Emma Paki                     cd    Greenstone                       1994
Dave Dobbyn                   cd    Twist                            1994
Tim Finn                      cds   Runs In The Family               1994
Annie Crummer                 cd    Seventh Wave                     1996
Sheryl Crow                   cd    Sheryl Crow                      1996
John Clarke                   cds   We Don't Know How Lucky We Are   1998
Dave Dobbyn                   cd    The Islander                     1998
Mark Lizotte                  cd    Soul Lost Companion              1999
Deborah Conway                cd    Exquisite Stereo                 2000
Jonatha Brooke                cd    Steady Pull                      2001
Bic Runga                     cd    Beautiful Collision              2002
Jenny Morris                  cd    Clear Blue In Stormy Skies       2006
Bic Runga                     cd    Birds                            2006
Missy Higgins                 cd                                     2007


Split Enz 1977-1984
The Party Boys (NZ) 1985 Dave Dobbyn, Peter Warren, Mike Chunn
The Mullanes 1985 Paul Hester, Craig Hooper, Nick Seymour
The Rock Party 1986
Crowded House 1986-1996,2006-
Finn 1994-1995,1996
Bic Runga Band 2006

Sources of information: Stefan Warnqvist
© Magnus Holmgren
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