Ken Firth



Jo-Anna Kamorin   s   ?   1979

Session musician

Jon English     lp   Wine Dark Sea                          1973
Jeannie Lewis   lp   Free Fall Through Featherless Flight   1973
Soundtrack      lp   Ned Kelly                              1974
Billy Miller    cd   Victoria                               1998
Billy Miller    cd   Elsternwick '69                        2000


Extradition 1971
McAskill, Murphy, Maloney and Firth 1972 Barrie McAskill, Kevin Murphy, Vince Maloney, Michael Barnes
Levi Smith's Clefs 1972
McAskill 1972
Black Tank 1972-1974 Greg Henson, Rory O'Donoghue, Stevie Wright
Stevie Wright Band 1972-1974
The Ferrets 1975-1978
Buster Brown 1975
Richard Clapton Band 1975
Billy Miller and The Great Blokes 1979-1982
Divinyls 1982
Interchange Bench 1993-1998 Andrew Duffield, Sean Kelly, Billy Miller, Cal McCalpine

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