Charles Fisher



Greg Sneddon                lp      Mind Stroll                1974
Southern Cross              lp      Southern Cross             1976
Radio Birdman               ep      Burn My Eye                1976
Ol'55                       lp      Take It Greasy             1976
Radio Birdman               lp      Radios Appear              1977
Soundtrack                          F.J. Holden                1977
Ray Burton                  lp      Dreamers And Nightflyers   1978
Ol'55                       lp      Crusin for a Brusin        1978
Aliens                      lp      Translator                 1980
Dennis Wilson               lp      Walking On Thin Ice        1980
Radiators                   lp      Feel The Heat              1980
Air Supply                  lp      Lost In Love               1980
Radiators                   lp      You Have The Right...      1981
New Race                    lp      The First And The Last     1982
Moving Pictures             lp      Days Of Innocence          1982
The Expression              lp      The Expression             1983
Moving Pictures             lp      Matinee                    1983
Angie Pepper                s       Frozen World               1984
Robert Frost                s                                  1984
Jon English/Renee Geyer     track   Every Beat of My Heart     1984
QED                         s       This One                   1984
The Visitors                lp      The Visitors               1985
Electric Pandas             s       Italian Boys               1985
James Reyne/Lin Buckfield   s       R.O.C.K.                   1985
Hoodoo Gurus                lp      Mars Needs Guitars         1985
Mark Edwards                lp      Land Of The Living         1986
Mental As Anything          s       Sloppy Croc                1986
Martin Plaza                lp      Plaza Suite                1986
Tango Bravo                 s       Blood Is The Colour        1986
Cockroaches                 lp      Cockroaches                1987
Chris Morrow                s       Just What I Needed         1987
Jump Back Band              mlp     Jump Back Band             1987
Pardon Me Boys              lp      Pardon Me Boys             1987
Radio Birdman               12"     More Fun!                  1988
Cockroaches                 lp      Fingertips                 1988
1927                        lp      ...ish                     1989
Gyan                        lp      Gyan                       1989
1927                        cd      The Other Side             1990
Among Thieves               cds     Faith In Love              1991
Gyan                        cd      Reddest Red                1992
Margot Smith                cd      Sleeping With The Lion     1993
Hoodoo Gurus                cd      Blue Cave                  1996
Savage Garden               cd      Savage Garden              1997
Jimmy Barnes                cds     Never Give You Up          1997
The Seekers                 cd      Future Road                1997
Invertigo                   cd      Forum                      2001
Dan Greenwood               cd      This Is The Girl           2002
Olivia Newton John          cd      Duets                      200?

Deep Blue Something         cd
Sugar Bee                   cd
Ace Of Base                 cd      Cruel Summer
Glen Bidmead                cd
Yeska                       cd
Indecision                  cd

Sources of information: Worlds End
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