Fish John West Reject

Hobart/Melbourne 1985-1987,1988-1991



Canned                  1986

MC       AUS

Shy But Wild            1988

MC       AUS

Left/Childless Mother   1989

Single   AUS   River Filf

Swim                    1989

LP       AUS   River Filf RF002

Fin                     1991

CD       AUS   Shock (2 bonus tracks)

LP       AUS   Shock

MC       AUS   Shock

Contribution to album

Used And Recovered By   1990


Adams Mark (g,v,harm) 1985-1987,1988-1991 The Trolls, The Plastic Torpedoes, Hurdy Gurdy
Narkowicz Mark (g,v) 1985-1987,1988- The Ideal Husbands, Gilbert Takes The Wheel, The Deaf Lepers, The Dunaways
Paulzen Stanley (d) 1991 Man In The Wood, Tlot Tlot
Rankin Graham (d,v) 1986-1987,1988-1991 Noddy's Revenge, The Odolites, Barb Waters and The Rough Diamonds, Dave Steel Band, The Dunaways
Viney Andrew (b,v) 1986-1987,1988-1990 Noddy's Revenge, The Ideal Husbands, The Tender Engines, The Dunaways
Witheford Martin (g,v) 1990-1991 Lust In Space, The Dunaways
Witheford Michael (b,v) 1990-1991 The Beagles

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