Four Hours Sleep

Melbourne 1996,2006



More Of Her      1996   10   Produced by Bill McDonald

CD   AUS   White D31466 (600 copies)

Love Specifics   2006   13

CD   AUS   Popboomerang PB026


Luscombe Dan (g,bv) 1996,2006
Luscombe Peter (d,perc) 1996,2006
McDonald Bill (b,g,syn) 1996,2006

Barnard Rebecca (v) 1996
Collins Edwyn (v) 1996 Orange Juice (UK)
Cummings Stephen (v) 1996,2006
Hart Angie (v) 1996,2006
Jenkins Charles (v) 2006 The Mad Turks, Icecream Hands
Kelly Paul (v) 2006
McComb David (v) 1996
Olsen Ollie () 2006
Simpson Kerri (v) 1996

Sources of information: Lovetown (Stephen Cummings)
© Magnus Holmgren
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