The Four Strangers/The Strangers

Newcastle 1964-1965



The Four Strangers:
The Rip          1964   2

Single   AUS   Astor

The Strangers:
Sad and Lonely   1965   2

Single   AUS   Festival


Bjerre Lindsay (v,g) 1964-1965
Connell Eric (b) 1964-1965 The Sunsets
Davidson Dannie (d) 1964-1965 The Sunsets, Tamam Shud, Khavas Jute, Band of Light, Sky Pilot, Huntress, Steve Russell Blues Band, Peter Wells Showband
Johns Gary (g,v) 1964 ---
Zytnik Alex (g) 1964-1965 The Sunsets, Tamam Shud, Stoned Ostrich, Bootleg, Blackfeather

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