Sydney/Adelaide 1970-1973,1974-1976



Livestock                                   1971    8   Produced by Jimmy Stewart and Doug Ashdown

LP          AUS   Sweet Peach/Astor SP12005

Flaming Galah                               1972   10   Produced by Grape Productions

LP          AUS   RCA SL 102038

The Complete Sessions 1971-72               1996   27

Double-CD   AUS   Raven RVCD-56 (as "Bon Scott & Fraternity")

Shared with The Valentines:
Seasons Of Change The Early Years 1967-72   1988

LP          AUS   Raven RVLP-33

Bon Scott - The Early Years 1967-1972       1991   23

CD          UK    See For Miles/Pinnacle SEECD247 (7/23 tracks)


Ayres John 'Uncle' (harm,v) 1971-1973,1974-1976 No Sweat, Mount Lofty Rangers, Mickey Finn, Best Blow Band, Nightflyers, The Flyers
Barnes Jim (v) 1975-1976
Berg Maurice (g) 1975 Silhouettes, Ides of March, Resurrection, W.G. Berg, War Machine, Headband, Mount Lofty Rangers, Some Dream, Mickey Finn, Terra Firma, Rock Ola
Bersee Peter (viol) 1974-1976 Some Dream
Bisset John (k) 1970-1973 Action (NZ), Levi Smith's Clefs
Buettel Tony (d) 1970 South Town Moods, Bay City Union, Levi Smith's Clefs, Band of Talabene, Band of Light
Freeman John (d) 1970-1973 Red Angel Panic, Levi Smith's Clefs, Mount Lofty Rangers, Some Dream, Mickey Finn, Nightflyers, Flyers, Giants
Howe Bruce (b) 1970-1973,1974-1976 The Clefs, Levi Smith's Clefs, Mount Lofty Rangers, Some Dream, Mickey Finn, Jimmy Barnes Band, Mega Boys, Dalai Lama
Johns Naele (v) 197? Stone Ostrich, Blackfeather, Flake, Highway, Fingerprint (UK), Gallin and Johns, Clawed Rains, Music Power
Jurd Mick (g) 1970-1973 Levi Smith's Clefs, Some Dream, On Fire, Barrie McAskill and Friends, Barrie McAskill's Levi Smith's Clefs, Barrie McAskill's Soul Survivors
Scott Bon (v) 1970-1973 The Spektors, The Valentines, Mount Lofty Rangers, AC/DC
See Sam (sl g,p) 1971-1972
Swan John (v,d) 1974-1976

Sources of information: Toby Creswell: Too Much Ain't Enough - The Authorised Jimmy Barnes Biography, AC/DC Electric Shock, The AC/DC FAQ V2.27
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