Maurice Frawley



Maurice Frawley and The Working Class Ringos:
Whoop Whoop           1993    8

CD      AUS

Livin' Lazy           1994   11   Produced by Tony Cohen

CD      AUS   Id/Mercury

Triple-Skin Marquee   2000   13

CD      AUS

Frawleys & Friends:
Queen of Runnymede    2003    6


Maurice Frawley and The Yard Hands:
Good Things           2006   13

CD      AUS   Red Finn


The Romeos   ep   ?   1989


Japanese Comix 1979-1980 Shane Day, James Williams, Chris Jobson, Greg Simpkins, Michael Barclay
A Howling Life 1980 Michael Barclay, Shane Day, Bill Tulloch, James Williams
Paul Kelly and The Dots 1980-1982
Paul Kelly Band 1983-1984
Olympic Sideburns 1983-1986
Maurice Frawley's Big City Burnout 1990
Mary-Jo Starr and The Drive-in Motel 1990 Michael Armiger, Alistair Jones, Robert Souter, Xanthe
Maurice Frawley and The Working Class Ringos 1993-
Maurice Frawley and The Yard Hands

Members (Maurice Frawley's Big City Burnout)

Abeyratne Jack (g) 1990 Boy Wonder, The Honeymooners, Mercy Mercy, Sherine's X-Machine, Blackmale
Frawley Maurice (g,v) 1990
Hartford Nigel (b) 1990 White Cross
Sandford David (sax,p,v) 1990 Kings Of The World, Dave Steel Band, Relax With Max, The Lost Weekend
Wall Paul (d) 1990 ---

Members (Maurice Frawley and The Working Class Ringos)

Frawley Maurice (v,g) 1993-
Heffner Des (d) 1993- The Scavengers, The Birthday Party, The Marquises, The Marching Girls, Permanent Press, Four Courners, The Slaughtermen, The Gospel According To St Kilda, The Great Temptation, The Black Sun, Barry Plankton
Jones Spencer P. (g) 1993-
Kelly Sean (b) 199? ---
Owen Charlie (dobro,lapsteel,banjo,org) 1993-
Sandford David (sax,p,v) 1993- Kings Of The World, Dave Steel Band, Relax With Max, The Lost Weekend
Savage Conway (p) 1998-
Walsh Shane (b) 1993- And The Rest, Brain Spasm, Honeymoon In Green, Dave Last and The Legendary Boy Kings
Westbrook Rosie (b) 199? Astrid Munday and Dystopia, Astrid Munday Band, Penny Ikinger Band

Members (Maurice Frawley and The Yard Hands)

Brooker Alan (b) 2006
Costigan Garrett (pd st) 2006
Frawley Maurice (v,g) 2006
Williams Jimmy (g) 2006
Williamson Craig (d) 2006

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