James Freud



James Freud and The Radio Stars:
Breaking Silence     1980   10   Produced by Tony Cohen

LP          AUS   Mushroom

James Freud and Berlin:
Automatic Crazy      1981    2   Produced by Gary Numan

Single      AUS   Mushroom

James Freud:
Step Into The Heat   1989   10   Produced by Bernard Edwards

CD          AUS   Mushroom
            SWE   Mushroom D93302

LP          AUS   Mushroom
            SWE   Mushroom L93302 (including poster)

MC          AUS   Mushroom

James Freud and The Reserves:
One Tony Lockett     1999

CD-Single   AUS   Festival

Contribution to album

Mushroom 25 Live          1998
Water Rats (Soundtrack)   1999


Beatfish   cd   Beatfish   1991
Moondog    cd   Moondog    1997

Session musician

Go-Betweens     lp    Send Me A Lullaby   1981
Bohdan          ep    Fear Of Flying      1983
John Justin     s                         1984
Big Choir       lp    Sing                1984
The Spaniards   s     God Is A Shield     1984
Bohdan X        mlp   Kingsnake           1988


Spred/Teenage Radio Stars 1977-1978
James Freud and The Radio Stars 1979-1980
James Freud and Berlin 1980-1981
Orient-R 1981 Roger Mason
The Models 1982-1988
James Freud Band 1989
Kylie Minogue Band 1990 John Creech, James Jardine, Samantha Murphy, Jamie O'Neill, Greg Perano, Adrian Scott, Mal Stainton
Beatfish 1990-1992
Moondog 1996-1997
Song Zu 1998-2000
The Models tour 2000

Members (James Freud and The Radio Stars/James Freud and Berlin)

Bulpin Randy (g) 1980-1981 Toads, Northwind, Hot Club, Nellie Packer Band, Mondo Rock, Darryl Cotton Band, Aliens, The Runners, Brave Men, The Fabs, Ian Moss Band, King Bees, Fresh, Broderick Smith Band
Cook Peter (g,v) 1979-1980
Doherty Murray (b) 1979
Freud James (v,g) 1979-1981
Hosie Tommy (d) 1979-1981
Lugton Tony (g,k) 1979 John Justin Band, Stealer, Propaganda, Pseudo Echo, Talk That Walk
Mason Roger (k) 1979 Orient-R, Gary Numan (UK), Illustrated Man, The Models, Jenny Morris Band, Divinyls, Icehouse, Peter Blakeley Band, Tommy Emmanuel Band, Shane Howard Band, Diesel Band
McGrath Glen (d) 1979
Prague Mick (b) 1979-1981
Thomas Bryan (g) 1979

Members (James Freud Band)

Borkman Lee (k) 1989
Chick Sandi (bv) 1989 Rockmelons, Johnny Batchelor Band, Al and The Gators, One Franc, Fake
Freud James (v) 1989
McLean Warren (d) 1989 Machinations, Flotsam Jetsam, I'm Talking, Divinyls, Sean Kelly and Absent Friends, The Party Boys, Mama's Darlings
Mott Toni (bv) 1989
Swan Nero (b) 1989 Machinations
Williams Steve (g) 1989 Wa Wa Nee, Kontrol, The Party Boys, Mama's Darlings, Skunk, The Choirboys
Williamson Paul (sax) 1989 Jo Jo Zep Band, The Black Sorrows, Tootieville, Men At Work, Vince Jones Band, Kenny Lopez Sex Mambo, Jane Clifton and The Blues Lester Trio, Movin' and Groovin' Orchestra, Swinging Sidewalks, Bob Sedergreen's Bluesbusters

Sources of information: Stefan Warnqvist, Lisa Acosta
© Magnus Holmgren
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