Paul Gadsby



Hey Gringo   cd   I Was There   2000

Session musician

Fred Cass and The Cassettes   ep   Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas   1981
Men At Work                   lp   Two Hearts                         1985
Archie Roach                  cd   Charcoal Lane                      1990


Ready Rubbed 1976-1977
Paul Kelly and The Dots 1978-1980
Hot Club 1980 Huk Treloar, Peter Laffy, Randy Bulpin, Alex Burns, Maurice Keegan
The Pins 1980-1981 David Hicks, Maurice Keegan
Go Wild In French 1983 Chris Coyne, Stephen Ewart, Vivienne Gay, Pierre Jacquinot, Margot McDonald, Penny Metcalfe, Gabriel Murphy, Yasmin Shoobridge, Ian Stephen, Pickles
The Beat Boys 1987-1988 Jimmy Fewing, Ian Langford, Steve Williams, Chris Wilson, Gary Young
Dianna Kiss 1989 Kate Ceberano, Ross Hannaford, Peter Jones, Leon Neon, Ray Pereira, Jex Saarelaht, Russell Smith, Stuart Speed
Colin Hay Band 1987-1990
Richest Men On Earth 1990 Gerry Hale
Broderick Smith band 1990
Hey Gringo 1993-

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