Sydney 1984-1987,1992-present



Gimme Some Loving     1984    2

Single        AUS   Mercury 880351-7

House Of Cards        1985    2

Single        AUS   Mercury 880664-7

GANGgajang            1985   10   Produced by Joe Wissert, Graham Bidstrup and Mark Callaghan

CD            AUS   True Tone/Mercury 826 349-2 (issued 1985?)

LP            AUS   True Tone 826 349-1

MC            AUS   True Tone/Mercury 826 349-4

Gang Again            1987   11   Produced by GANGgajang

CD            AUS   Mercury 832 586-2

LP            AUS   Mercury 832 586-1

True To The Tone      1990   20

CD            AUS   Mercury 846 704-2
              AUS   Shock GANG95 (issued 1995, different sleeve and liner notes)
              BRA   (different sleeve from both Australian issues)

LP            AUS   Mercury 846 704-1

Lingo                 1994   13   Produced by GANGgajang

CD            AUS   rooArt 4509956532

The Essential         1996   19

CD            AUS   Shock

Chronologica          2000   30

CD            BRA   Tronador Music TMSS07

Oceans and Deserts    2002   11   Produced by Robert James, Graham Bidstrup and GANGgajang

CD            AUS   Shock GANG02
              BRA   Tronador Music TMSS27 (1 bonus track + video clip)

with Cameron Allan:
Tunkley's Left Home   1985

Single        AUS   True Tone

Contribution to album

The Spirit of Christmas 2000               2000
Sampoerna Australian Surf Music Festival


Bailey Chris (b,bv) 1984-1987,1992-present Red Angel Panic, Headband, Mount Lofty Rangers, Salvation Air Force, The Angels, Gotham City, PM, Invisible Men, Wendy Saddington Band, The Famous Nobodies, Rat Tat Tat, The Stetsons, Jimmy Barnes Band, Duffhead, The Fallen Angels, Dave Steel Band
Bee Kayellen (bv) 1984-1985 The Stetsons
Bidstrup Graham (d,perc,g,k,v) 1984-1987,1992-present
Black James (g,k) 1984
Callaghan Mark (v,g) 1984-1987,1992-present
Delaney Marilyn (bv) 1984-1985 The Stetsons
Gubb Mike (k) 1993-1995
James Robert (g,v) 1985-1987,1992-present The Rock Party, The Stetsons, J.J.'s Way, The Gubbs, Makers of The Uni Voice, Wendy Matthews Band
O'Connor Mark (k) 1993 Gyan, Non Stop, Wendy Matthews Band, Slaughterhouse 4
Stapleton Geoff (k,g,v) 1984-1987,1995-present
Sullivan Gordon (g) 1984-1985 Deckchairs Overboard

Sources of information: Stefan Warnqvist, GANGgajang Official Homepage, GANGgajang official webpage
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