Tim Gaze



Tim Gaze Band:
Band On The Run (Soundtrack)   1979

LP   AUS   Infinity/Festival (never officially released)

Tim Gaze Trio:
Rough Trade                    1992


Tim Gaze and The Blues Doctors:
Blues Remedy                   1998

CD   AUS   Full Moon Records

Contribution to album

Sultans 2 - The Power Strikes Back   1990

Session musician

Marcie Jones      lp   That Girl Jones                         1973
Renee Geyer       lp   It's A Man's Man's World                1974
Star Suite        lp                                           1975
John Farnham      lp   J P Farnham Sings                       1975
Angry Anderson    lp   Beats From A Single Drum                1986
N Hazelhurst      lp   SAW                                     1988
Dennis Knight     lp   -
Peter Wells       cd   Everything You Like Tries To Kill You   1991
Gyan              cd   Reddest Red                             1992
Redneck Mothers   cd   Redneck Mothers                         1996
Tony Putrino      cd   Tony Putrino                            1997
Greg Page         cd   Greg Page                               1998
Dave Debs         cd   Love That Drive                         200?


Stonehenge 1968-1969 Ray Ferguson, Nigel Macara, Ross Ward, Warren Ward
Tamam Shud 1969-1970
Khavas Jute 1970 Dannie Davidson
Tamam Shud 1970-1972
Stoned Ostrich 1970/1971 John Bellamy, Darryl Jacobs, Phil Jacobs, Neil Johns, Graham Lowndes, Nigel Macara, Tim Martin, Phil Pruiti, Ross Ward, Warren Ward, Zac Zytnick
Miss Universe 1972 Nigel Macara, Phillip Pritchard, George Limbidis
? 1973 Nigel Macara, Ross Wilson, Ross Hannaford
? 1973 Nigel Macara, Steve Hogg
Ariel 1973-1974
Stevie Wright Band 1974
John Paul Young and The All Stars 1975
Headland 1976 Neville Barker, Peter Bolton, Mick Norris, Bruce Parkinson, Judy Parkinson
The Tim Gaze Rock Ensemble 1976
Dayride 1977 Peter Blyton, Robbie France-Shaw
Tim Gaze Band 1977-1979
Air Supply 1979
Libido 1980 John Barnes, Bruce Coleman, Scott Williams, Stephan Cornwall
4 Play 1980/1981 Peter Blyton, John Barnes
Big Red 1981-1982 John Barnes, Peter Blyton, Bruce Coleman, Robbie France-Shaw, Annette Henery, Chris Lloyd, Brett Williams
Troppo II 1982 John Barnes, Peter Willersdorf
Troppo III 1982-1983 John Barnes, Peter Willersdorf
The Aussie Rebels 1983-1984 John Carson, Barry Tiplady
Rose Tattoo 1985-1987
Made In Oz 1986 John Barnes, Barry Charles, Peter Willersdorf
Skin Game 1987-1988 Phil Graham, Nancy Keil, Rob Paxton, Steve Roy, Peter Willersdorf
Brothers Of The Bell 1989
Big Secret 1990 John Barnes, Bruce McKenzie
Ardijah 1990 John Carson, Glen Muirhead
The Sultans 1990-1991 Phil Graham, Glen Muirhead, Peter Willersdorf
Oasis 1991 Bernie Bremond, Warwick Fraser, Red Porter
Peter Wells Band 1991
The Millionaires 1992 Bernie Bremond, John Pettit
Tim Gaze Trio 1992- Robbie France
Gyan 1992-1997 Ian Belton, Hanuman Dass, Tony Deveux, Mark O'Connor, Jackie Orszaczky, David Sparks, Geoff Stapleton, Chris Sweeney
Tamam Shud 1993-1995
The Bushwackers 1995-
Blue Sierra 1995-
Tim Gaze and The Blues Doctors 1998-

Members (The Tim Gaze Rock Ensemble)

Blyton Peter (b) 1976
Bolton Peter (k) 1976 Armageddon, Headland, Kakadu
France-Shaw Robbie (d) 1976 Dayride, Wishbone Ash
Gaze Tim (g) 1976

Members (Tim Gaze Band)

Barnes John (d,perc) -1979 Avalanche, Libido, 4 Play, Big Red, Troppo II, Troppo III, Big Secret
Blyton Peter (b) 1977-
Bolton Peter (k) 1977- Armageddon, Headland, Kakadu
Cowan Andy (k) 19?? Elevator, Mary Jane Union, Madder Lake, Ayers Rock, Kevin Borich Express, Ian Moss Band, The Shades
Curtis Harry (b) 19?? ---
Gaze Tim (g) 1977-1979
Willersdorf Peter (b,v) -1979 Nashville Sounds, Venture, Red Herring, Troppo, Bid Red, Troppo II, Barry Charles and The Last Resort, Troppo III, Made In Oz, Four On The Floor, The Chris Lloyds Band, The Fargen Brothers, The Brakes, Full Blast and The Wilderbeasts, Skin Game, Gyan, The Sultans, The Dukes

Members (Tim Gaze and The Blues Doctors)

Barnett Daniel (brass) 1998-
Conway Jim (harm) 1998- The Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band, Conway Brothers Hiccups Orchestra, The Backsliders, Jim Conway's Big Wheel
Franke Ralph (brass) 1998-
Gaze Tim (v,g) 1998-
Gibb Graeme (b) 1998-
Grosser Rob (d,perc) 1998- Blue Sierra
Gubb Mike (p,org) 1998-

Sources of information: Tim's Music Shack
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