Joe Geia



Yil Lull         1988

LP   AUS   Only Gammin'

Tribal Journey   1996

CD   AUS   Larrikin/Festival

Contribution to album

Used And Recorded By   1995

Session musician

John Royle           lp   Warlords and Doves    1989
Swinging Sidewalks   lp   Swinging On Nothing   1989


No Fixed Address 1982-1983
Nya Nunga 1983-1985
Prince Nayh and The Slaves of Sin 1985-1986 Koori Brother William, John Petros, Peter Camm, Rob Dixon, Stephen Ewart, Chris Coyne, Steve Hewitt, Barry Denik, Des McKenna
Shane Howard and Friends 1986-1987
Shane Howard Band
Gospel Choir 1990 Rebecca Barnard, Mick Bowden, Nichaud Fitzgibbon, Richard Grey, Peter Jones, Tania Lee, Jex Saarelaht, Shelly Scown, Kerri Simpson, Stu Speed, David Williamson, Paul Winterbine, Chris Wilson
Peaceful Anticipation Social Aid and Pleasure Club 1990 Rebecca Barnard, Mick Bowden, Tanya Davies, Nichaud Fitzgibbon, Richard Grey, Shelly Scown, Kerri Simpson, David Williamson, Paul Winterbine, Chris Wilson
Art Attack 1990 Bridgette Allen, Jim Dimitriv, Colin Dods, John Halliday, Sonja Horbelt, Michael Jordan, Bob Sedergreen, Mal Sedergreen
Joe Geia and The Heads

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