Brisbane 1996-present



george                     1998    4

CD-EP     AUS   (Independent)

You Can Take What's Mine   1999    6

Mini-CD   AUS   (Independent)

Bastard Son/Holiday        2000    6

Mini-CD   AUS   (Independent)

Polyserena                 2002   13   Produced by David Nicholas

CD        AUS   Festival

Contribution to album

Corroboration                        2001
Triple J - Live And Unleashed        2001
The Latest Collection, The Panel 3   2002
Rove Live - ...Some More Music       2002


Bromley Paulie (b) 2000-present Pangaea
Green Geoff (d) 1996-present
Hootoon Geoff (b) 1996-2000
Noonan Katie (v,k) 1996-present
Noonan Tyrone (v,k,g) 1996-present
Stewart Nick (g) 1996-present

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