Sydney 1990-present



Ghostwriters       1991   12   Produced by Ghostwriters

CD   AUS   Virgin VOZCD2055
     AUS   Ghostwriters GH001 (re-issue 2000, different cover)
     GER   Virgin VOZCD2055 262 756 (different cover)

MC   AUS   Virgin

Second Skin        1996   13   Produced by Ghostwriters, Brent Clark and Warne Livesey

CD   AUS   Mercury 5321992
     AUS   Ghostwriters GH002 (re-issue 2000, different cover)

Rob Hirst and The Ghostwriters:
Fibromoon          1999   11   Produced by Rob Hirst, James Cadsky and Rick Grossman

CD   AUS   Ghostwriters GH003 (issued 2000)

Political Animal   2007   12   Produced by Brent Clark and Rob Hirst

CD   AUS   Sony BMG 88697079362 (4 new songs + compilation of old songs)


Various   cd   Olympic Record   2000

Session musicians

Various   cd   Olympic Record   2000


Grossman Rick (b,g,bv) 1990-present
Hirst Rob (v,d,g,perc) 1990-present

Bray Dorland (d,g,v) 1990-1991 Bullets, News, Benders, Do Ré Mi, Critics Corner, James Griffin and The Subterraneans
Cadsky James (production) 1999-
Dickson Andy (g) 1990-1991 The Narcs (NZ)
Moloney Lee (d,perc) 1999-present Diesel
Rotsey Martin (g) 2006-
Young Beau (DC) (g,bv) 1999-present

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