Girl Monstar

Melbourne 1988-1992



Surfing on a Wave of Love   1989

Single   AUS   Timberyard

Flower Child                1990

Single   AUS   Timberyard

Joe Cool                    1990

Single   AUS   Timberyard

Monstereo Delicio           1992   ??   Produced by Paul Kosky and Jedd Starr

CD       AUS   Timberyard


Abbot Janene (b) 1992 ---
Child Damian (b,v) 1988-1991 Feline Touch, SINE, maGneatO!
Chong Paddy (b) 1991 Nursery Crimes, Charleston Party, Fuck Fucks
Heine Ritchie (d) 1988 Thirty Minutes of Sheer Hell, Behind The Magnolia Curtain, The Einstones, Terrapins, Radio Luxemburg, The Screaming Tribesmen
McCue Anne (sl g,g,v) 1988-1992
Valier Sherry (g,v,harm) 1988-1992 Cactus Fever, Sherry Rich and The Grievous Angels
World Susie (d,v) 1988-1992 The Wet Ones, Prahan Prahan, The Exotics

Sources of information: The Monstar that was a Girl!
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