Girl Overboard

Melbourne 1988-



Paint A Picture        1989   13   Produced by Ross Fraser

CD          AUS   BMG
            GER   RCA/BMG PD90491

LP          AUS   BMG

Who'll Stop The Rain   1991

CD-Single   AUS   BMG

Go                     1993

CD          AUS   BMG


Davidson Lee (d) 1988-1991 PR, Seperate Tables
Day Tony (d) 1991- Broderick Smith Band, The Masters Apprentices
Favaro John (b,bv) 1988- All Talk, The Fabs, Seperate Tables, Broderick Smith Band, Schizophrenics, The Badloves, The Masters Apprentices, Kutcha Edwards and Band
Gist Robin (g) 1988- Short Story, Seperate Tables
McNaughton Brett (k,acc,bv) 1988- Seperate Tables
Milroy Jenny (bv,perc) 1988- Seperate Tables
Schouw Lisa (v,perc) 1988- Short Story, Seperate Tables

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