Geelong/Melbourne 1977-1985,1998



Livin' on The Razor's Edge    1979    4   Produced by Broderick Smith

EP       AUS   EMI Custom Press

Spirit Of Place               1982   10   Produced by Trevor Lucas

CD       AUS   (remastered, 7 bonus tracks)

LP       AUS   WEA 600127
         GER   WEA K 90039

MC       AUS

That Day (Is Comin' Sooner)   1983    2   Produced by Tony Buettel and Shane Howard

Single   AUS

Oceania                       1985   10   Produced by Billy Payne assisted by Trevor Lucas

CD       AUS   BMG SPCD 1218 (issued 1992)

LP       AUS   WEA 251556-1

MC       AUS   WEA 251556-4

Song For Africa               1985    2

Single   AUS   WEA

Spirit Returns                1998   14   Produced by Shane Howard and Kerryn Tolhurst

CD       AUS

as Gordon Franklin and The Wilderness Ensemble:
Let The Franklin Flow         1983    2   Produced by Trevor Lucas and Jeff Campbell

Single   AUS   WEA 7-259941

Contribution to album

Gordon Franklin and The Wilderness Ensemble:
All Fired Up - Lost Treasures 1970-1990    2002


Bygrave Rose (bv,k) 1980-1985
Howard Marcia (bv) 1982-1985,1998
Howard Shane (v,g) 1977-1985,1998

Biscan Mike (g) 1977-1978 ---
Bridgeford Geoff (d) 1983- Steve and The Board, The Groove, Tin Tin, The Bee Gees, Jim Keays Band, One Foundation, Wayne Gillespie Band, Venetta Field's Gospel Jubilee, Modern Life
Camilleri Joe (sax) 19??
Cooney Stephen (b,didg,g,mand,banjo) 1998 Mass, Mandu, Matchbox, Redgum, The Bushwackers, Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band, Mark Gillespie Band, Randy and Jah Roots
Coughlan Peter (b) 1981-1985 Zeroes, They Accidently Sued Themselves, White Light Orchestra, Turbo Luv Nuns, The Blues Power Band
Joe Creighton (b,v) 19??
Crothall Gary (d) 1979-1981 Redhouse Roll Band
Curphy Simon (g) 1985 Phantom Band, Another Planet, The Pitts, Simon and The Allies
Davidge Graham (g) 1982-1983 W.G. Berg, Nostra Damus, Syperman, Super Lemon, Bite, Steven Foster Band, Russell Royden Band, Johnny Chester, Little River Band, Tidewaterm, The Sultan Brothers, Stephen Foster Band, Reverend Blues and The Blues Messengers, Tinsley Waterhouse Band
Dickinson Suzie (bv) 1983
Fields Venetta (bv) 19??
Fogherty Lionel () 1998
Griffiths Rick (b) 1977-1979 ---
Gualtieri Joe (g) 1982
Hannaford Ross (g,bv) 1983- The Fauves, The Pink Finks, The Party Machine, Sons Of The Vegetal Mother, Daddy Cool, Mighty Kong, Mark Gillespie Band, Relax With Max, Little Red Rooster, Ian Moss Band, Steve Hoy and The Lost Millions, The Drawcards
Harwood Warwick (g,bv) 1978-1983 Cutters
Hoe Rod (d) 1977-1979 Tramp
Holloway Brian (g,bv) 1984 Sounds of Silence, Running Jumping Standing Still, The Dream, New Dream, Somebody's Image, Image, The New Aesop's Fables, Captain Australia and Honky Tonk, Atlas (UK), Esperanto (UK), Wayne Gillespie Band
Imbrol Joe (b) 1985 Forecast, Scratch, John Farnham Band, Tour De Force, Brian Cadd Band, Adrian's Wall, Wendy and The Rockets, Ka Ha, Ian Moss Band, Broderick Smith and The Noveltones, Brian Cadd and Max Merritt Band, Glee Club, Steve Hoy Band, The Chantoozies, Kitto
Inda Billy (perc,didg) 1982 No Fixed Address
Kenneally Judi () 19??
Logan Mal (k) 1984
Lucas Trevor (g) 19?? Fairport Convention
Martin Greg (d) 198? Mick Pealing and The Ideals, Paul Kelly Band, Little Murders, The Bushwackers
Morrison Ian (bv,g,harm) 1979-1981 ---
O'Connor Mick (org) 1977-1979,1982-1983
O'Maonlai Liam (v,g,k) 1998 Hothouse Flowers, ALT
Payne Billy (k) 1984 Little Feat (USA)
Pellici Derek (d) 1985
Philipas Spiro (b) 1985 Cult, The Chelsea Set, Ronnie Charles Band, Daryl Cotton Band, Russell Morris and The Rubes, Russell Morris Band, The Blue Healers, Race Car Drivers
Phillips John (g) 1977,1979
Ross Robert (d) 1982-1983 Manning/Keays Band, Manning, Phil Manning Band, The Sultan Brothers, Matchbox, Daryl Cotton Band, The Nazz
See Sam (g) 1984
Sheehan Greg () 19??
Smith Carl (b) 1979-1981 ---
Smith Russell (bv,g) 1983 The Circle Of Love, Chicago Piano, Black Panther Blues Band, (The New) Nineteen 87, Kaamra, Campact, Company Caine, Duck, Mighty Kong, Metropolis, Co Caine, Billy T, Nosmo King, Heavy Division, Leo De Castro Band, Zeroes, Fat Sam and The Gleetones
Stewart Dave (d) 1985 Daniel, The Stockley See Mason Band, Scratch, Tour de Force, Blue Healers, Brian Cadd and Max Merritt Band
Tolhurst Kerryn (g) 1998
Willoughby Bart (perc,didg) 1985

Sources of information: Alex Pertout, John Phillips, Shane Howard Discography, Paul Baird, Spirit Of Place, Shane Howard Homepage
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