Graham Goble



Nautilus         1993   10   Produced by Graham Goble

CD   EUR   Castle Communications Records CSC 7100
     EUR?  (re-issue 1999 entitled "The New Nautilus", different cover, the songs "Full Circle" and "I've Been Broken" switched for "Restless Heart" and "I've Found You")

Stop             1995   10   Produced by Graham Goble

CD   DAN   Scandinavian Records APS 966 041-2
     GER   Bellaphon 290-07-222 (different sleeve)
     EUR?  (re-issue 1999, different cover)

The Days Ahead   2006   11


with Beeb Birtles:
Last Romance     1980   10   Produced by Beeb Birtles, Graham Goble and Ernie Rose

LP   AUS   Capitol/EMI 1C 064-861 145
     USA   Capitol/EMI ST-12078

Birtles Shorrock Goble:
Full Circle      2003   19

CD   AUS   Universal 9811807
     USA   EMI Capitol

Contribution to album

with Birtles, Shorrock:
The Spirit of Christmas 2002               2002


Little River Band   lp   Little River Band   1975
John Farnham            lp   Uncovered           1980
Little River Band   lp   Too Late To Load    1986
Little River Band   lp   Monsoon             1988
Broken Voices       cd   Broken Voices       1997

Session musician

Brian Cadd     lp   Parabrahm                1973
Marcie Jones   lp   That Girl Jones          1973
Daryl Cotton   lp   Best Seat In The House   1980


The Silence
Travis Wellington Hedge 1968
Allison Gros 1969-1971 John Mower, Russ Johnson, John D'Arcy
Drummond 1970
Mississippi 1972-1974
Little River Band 1975-1986,1988-1990
Broken Voices 1990-1991
Birtles Shorrock Goble 2002-present Beeb Birtles, Glenn Shorrock

Sources of information: Scott Reboulet, Stefan Warnqvist, Beeb Birtles On The Web, Ken McCarthy
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