Mark Greig


Session musician

Neil Murray     lp    Calm and Crystal Clear   1989
Iain McLennan   mlp   Through The Roof         1989
Paul Norton     cd    Under A Southern Sky     1990
The Slow Club   cd    World of Wonders         1990
Paul Norton     cd    Let It Fly               1992


City 198? Mark Edwards, Paul McNaughton, Trevor Reading
Mick Pealing and The Ideals 1980-
The Runners 1982
Lisa Bade Band 1982-1983 Derek Beautyman, Bill Fraser, Peter Maslen, Duncan Wheel
The Runners 1983-1984
Cats Under Pressure 1984
Australian Crawl 1985-1986
The Ryans 1985-1987 Peter Laffey, Doug McDonald, Steve Morgan
Steve Hoy and The Hoy Boys 1986-1988
Turbo Luv Nuns -1988
Broderick Smith Band 1988-
The Glee Club 1989 Grant Hamston, Joe Imbrol, Paul McNaughton, Wendy Stapleton
Paul Norton Band 1990
Mick Pealing and The Method 1992

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