The Groop

Melbourne 1964-1969,1989



The Groop                   1965

LP       AUS   CBS

I'm Satisfied               1966

LP       AUS   CBS

Woman You're Breaking Me    1967

LP       AUS   CBS

Great Hits From The Groop   1968

LP       AUS   Music for Pleasure

Such A Lovely Way           1969    2

Single   AUS   CBS

You Gotta Live Love         1969    2

Single   AUS   CBS

Session musicians

Russell Morris   s   The Real Thing   1969


Bruce Peter (g) 1964-1966,1989 Dave Clark (UK)
Cadd Brian (k) 1966-1969
Charles Ronnie (v) 1966-1969,1989
McKeddie Peter (v) 1964-1966,1989 The Wesley Trio
Glover Rob (b) 1989 Myriad, Silver Studs, Sports, Hi Tones, Big Kombi, A Ring Of Truth
Harris Tweed (k) 1989 The Groove
Mudie Don (g,b) 1966-1969,1989 Sherwood Green, Axiom, Ceduna, The Blue Echos
Ross Max (b) 1964-1968 The Wesley Trio
Wright Richard (d) 1964-1969,1989 The Wesley Trio, Captain Australia and The Honky Tonk

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