Rick Grossman



Rob Hirst and The Ghostwriters   cd   Fibromoon   1999

Session musician

Flame Fortune     12"                                  1985
Damien Lovelock   lp    It's a Wig Wig Wig Wig World   1988
Matt Finish       cd    By Heart                       1993
Various           cd    Good Vibrations                1998
Hirst & Greene    cd    In The Stealth Of Summer       2005


Parachute 1977 Chris Langman, Rob Kretschmer, Graeme Perry
Bleeding Hearts 1977-1978 Martin Armiger, Eric Gradman, Keith Shadwick, Huk Treloar, Laurie Tunnecliffe, Geoff Warner, Chris Worrall
Eric Gradman's Man and Machine 1978-1980 Rob Kretschmer, Graeme Perry
Matt Finish 1979-1981
The Traitors 1979 Geoff Spooner, Eddie Van Roosendale, Steve Ralphs
Divinyls 1982-1987
Paul Kelly and The Coloured Girls 1985 temp
The Rocking Love Gods 1985 Flame Fortune, Tim Brosman, Graham Bidstrup, Andrew Farriss, Barton Price, James Reyne
James Griffin and The Subteraneans
Kevin Borich Express 1986-
Red Not Blue 1987 Barton Price, David Adams, Paul Burton, John Prior
The Wigmen 1988 Damien Lovelock, Peter Koppes, Richard Ploog, Joe Latty
Hoodoo Gurus 1988-1998
The Gubbs 1989 Mark Callaghan, Michael Hiron, Rob Hirst, Craig Hooper, Robbie James, Geoff Stapleton, Rick Swinn, James Valentine
Ghostwriters 1990-present
Men At Work brazil tour
The Moops 2001-2002 Dave Faulkner, Mark Kingsmill, Brad Shepherd
Matt Finish 2001-
Hoodoo Gurus 2003-present
The Kelly Gang 2004

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