Mike Gubb


Session musician

Samurai Trash        s                            1985
Mental As Anything   lp     Mouth To Mouth        1987
Mental As Anything   lp     Cyclone Raymond       1989
G Connors            lp     SOTD                  1989
Shane Howard         cd     River                 1990
Dog Trumpet          cd     Two Heads One Brain   1991
Phil Emmanuel        cd     Kakadu Sunrise        1992
Dog Trumpet          cdep   Kiss A Gun Down       1992


Rough Justice 1977-1979 Boyd Boyd
Vulgar Beatmen 1983- Tony Backhouse, Boyd Boyd, Peter Famularo, June Lindsay, John McKay, Jonathan Zwartz
Dynamic Hepnotics 1985-1986
Mighty Reapers of Vengeance 1985 Duncan Archibald, Dave Brewer, Robert Brooks, Graeme Gibb, Robert Susz
Ross Wilson Rockhouse 1986
Mental As Anything 1986-1987 tour
The Layabouts 1987
Five Fickle Fingers 1989 Gary Lothian, Gus McNeil, Jim Miller, Robert Souter
Shane Howard and The Big Heart Band 1990-
Dog Trumpet 1991-1993
The Headhunters 1992-1993 Ian Lees, Dave Tice, Paul Demarco, Steve Edmonds
Emmanuel Brothers Band 1992 Tommy Emmanuel, Phil Emmanuel, Mitch Farmer, Ian Lees
Greedy's On The Loose 1992 Greedy Smith, Wayne Delisle, Mark Grey, Floyd Vincent
GANGgajang 1993-1995
Tim Gaze and The Blues Doctors 1998-

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