Stephen Hadley



Michael De Wolfe

Session musician

Reboshaze Project   lp                                      1981
Stephen Cummings    lp      This Wonderful Life             1986
Stephen Cummings    lp      Lovetown                        1987
Vince Jones         lp      It All Ends Up In Tears         1987
Stephen Cummings    lp      A New Kind Of Blue              1988
Andrew Pendlebury   lp      Tiger Land                      1988
The Sextet          lp                                      1989
Andrew Pendlebury   cd      Zing Went The Strings           1990
Sea Stories         cd      Wide Eyed And Dreaming          1991
Kate Ceberano       cd      Think About It                  1991
Broderick Smith     cd      Suitcase                        1992
Steve Grace         cd      Liberty Road                    1992
Shane Howard        cd      Time Will Tell                  1993
Joe Camilleri       track   Gypsy Queen                     1994
Paul Kelly          cd      Deeper Water                    1995
Lisa Miller         cd      Quiet Girl With A Credit Card   1996
Tiddas              cd      Tiddas                          1996
Paul Kelly          cdep    How To Make Gravy               1996
Deadstar            cd      Milk                            1997
Paul Kelly          cd      Words and Music                 1998
Various             cd      Mushroom 25 Live                1998
Various             cd      RRRewind In The Chapel          1998
The Black Sorrows   cd      Beat Club                       1998
Various             cd      The Woodstock Sessions          2000
Paul Kelly          cd      Nothing But A Dream             2001
Ross Wilson         cd      Country and Wilson              2003
Tess McKenna        cd      Boom Bam                        2003
Mark Seymour        cd      Westgate                        2007


Johnny Said So 1985-1986 Michelle Argue, Robby Bourke, Alex Burns, Cres Crisp, Paul Gilday, Gary Nottingham
Jabulani 1986 Peter Bishop, Claude Carranza, Bill Fraser
Joe Creighton Band 1987
Vince Jones Band
Kate Ceberano and The Ministry Of Fun 1989
Sexual Chocolate 1990 Robbie Burke, Phil Ceberano, Lisa Maxwell, Alexander Nettleback, Tony Norris, Bruce Pawsey, Glen Righter, Stu Speed
The Black Sorrows 1991-1993,2004
Paul Kelly Band 1994-present
Christine Anu Band 1995
Men At Work 1996 tour
Singers For The Red Black and Gold 1997
Colin Hay Band 1998
The Casuals 199?- Bruce Haymes, Peter Luscombe
Professor Ratbaggy 1999-

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