Mark C. Halstead



Before and After Love   1994   ??   Produced by Graham Lee

CD   AUS   W. Minc WMINCD001

Session musician

The Blackeyed Susans   cd   All Souls Alive   1993
The Blackeyed Susans   cd   Mouth To Mouth    1995
The Blackeyed Susans   cd   Spin The Bottle   1997


Gasmen 1980 Graham Lee, Dave Kent, Steve Pritchard
Hostages 1981
The Repairs 1981/1982
Disposable Fits
Tex Deadly and The Dum Dums 1982-1983 Tex Perkins, Greg Gilbert, Peter Jetnikoff, Clem Luckey, Ian Wadley, Greg Wadley, Cyrill
The Kingswoods 1983-1986 Peter Krool, John Downie
Silent Figures
The Pineapples From The Dawn Of Time 1986-
Smooth Age
The Big Rider 1990 Cathy Green, Graham Lee, Ian Rilen, Mia Stone, Stratos
Paradise Vendors 1990-1991 Mark Dawson, Graham Lee, James Hurst, Barry Turnbull, John Willsteed
The Pubdogs 1991
The Blackeyed Vendors of Paradise 1992 Graham Lee, Phil Kakulas, Rob Snarski
The Blackeyed Susans 199?

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