The Hard-Ons

Sydney 1982-1994,1997,present



Surfin' On My Face                        1985

EP              AUS   ViNil Records

The Girl In The Sweater                   1986    2   Produced by Rob Younger

Single          AUS   Waterfront

Smell My Finger                           1986

Mini-LP         AUS   Waterfront

Hot For Your Love, Baby                   1987

LP              AUS   Waterfront

Dickcheese                                1988

LP              AUS   Waterfront

Sick of Being Sick                        1989

EP              AUS   (gig giveaway)

Love is a Battlefield of Wounded Hearts   1989

LP              AUS   Waterfront

Yummy!                                    1990

CD              AUS   Waterfront/Festival

Let There Be Rock                         1991    2

Single          AUS   Waterfront/Festival (first limited edition of 2000 came with bonus 10" record)

Dateless Dudes' Club                      1992

Mini-CD         AUS   Waterfront/Festival

Too Far Gone                              1993   ??   Produced by The Slayer Hippy

CD              AUS   Waterfront/Festival

A Decade of Rock                          1994   48

Double-CD       AUS   Waterfront/Festival

Yesterday And Today                       2000   ??   Produced by Ed Kuepper

CD-EP           AUS

shared with The Stupids:
No Cheese                                 1988

Mini-LP         AUS   Waterfront

shared with The Celibate Rifles:
Where The Wild Things Are...              1992    4

CD-EP           AUS   Waterfront/Festival D16022 (DAMP 170)

Double-Single   AUS   Waterfront/Festival K16022 (green and blue vinyl)

Contribution to album

Why March When You Can Riot?   1985
Hard To Beat                   1988
Hard To Believe                1990


Ahn Ray (b) 1982-1994,1997,present The Plebs, Nunchuka Superfly
Black Peter (g,v) 1982-1994,1997,present The Plebs, Nunchuka Superfly
De Silva Keish (d,v) 1982-1994,1997,present The Plebs, Malibu Stacey

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