Bruce Haymes


Contribution to album

Where Joy Kills Sorrow     1997
Dirty Deeds (Soundtrack)   2002


Bachelors From Prague   s   ?   1990

Session musician

Wrecked Jets             s       Howling Life                    1980
Hotspur                  lp      ?                               1985
Brent Parlane            lp      True Life                       198?
Weekend Rockstars        mlp     Extended Fourplay               1988
The Zimmermen            lp      Way Too Casual                  1989
Barefoot                 cdep    Anchor                          1992
Colin Hay                cd      Topanga                         1994
David McComb             cd      Love Of Will                    1994
Steve Hoy                cd      Self Defence                    1994
Paul Kelly               cd      Deeper Water                    1995
Vika And Linda           track   Silent Night                    1995
Lisa Miller              cd      Quiet Girl With A Credit Card   1996
Paul Kelly               cdep    How To Make Gravy               1996
Vika and Linda           cd      Princess Tabu                   1996
Mark Seymour             cd      King Without A Clue             1997
Paul Kelly               cd      Words and Music                 1998
Christopher Marshall     cd      Strange Waters, Small Mercies   1998
Various                  cd      Mushroom 25 Live                1998
Various                  cd      RRRewind In The Chapel          1998
Deadstar                 cd      Somewhere Over The Radio        1999
In Deep                  cd      Footsteps                       1999
Stephen Cummings         cd      Spiritual Bum                   1999
Various                  cd      The Woodstock Sessions          2000
Michael Spiby            cd      Ho's Kitchen                    2000
David Bridie             cd      Act of Free Choice              2000
Stephen Cummings         cd      Skeleton Key                    2001
Mark Seymour             cd      One Eyed Man                    2001
Paul Kelly               cd      Nothing But A Dream             2001
Kutcha Edwards           cd      Cooinda                         2002
Archie Roach             cd      Sensual Being                   2002
Monique Brumby           cd      Signal Hill                     2002
Ross Wilson              cd      Country and Wilson              2003
Paul Kelly               2cd     Ways and Means                  2004
Nick Barker              cd      C-Sides                         2005
Stephen Cummings         cd      Love-O-Meter                    2005
James Reyne              cd      Every Man A King                2007


New Morning
Key Largo 1976-
Avalanche 1978 John Barnes, Adrian Campbell, Geoff Cox, Barry Cram, Clive Harrison, Gerard McCabe, Tony Naylor, Graham Thompson
Front Page 1978 James Black, Adrian Campbell, Barry Cram, Tony Naylor, Graham Thompson, Tony Thorton, Phil Wood
Richard Clapton Band 1979
The Rubes 197? Max Chazan, Rick Puchala
Hot Band 1979 Max Chazan, Greg Cook, Michael Hegerty, Rick Puchala
Russell Morris and The Rubes 1980-1983
Hotspur tour 1984 Danny Arnott, Andrew Forrer, Martin Hope, Marc Smith
Weekend Rockstars 1984- Les Price, Billy Rockstar, Trevor Reading, Chuck Sheldon, Colin Swan
The Strangeloves 1985 Graham Thompson, Michael Bishop, Max Chazan, Scott Martin
Bachelors From Prague 1987 Russell Cooke, George Frimil, Henry Maas, Chris Minko, Andrew Philipp, Geoff Raglus, Ton Roberts, Justin Stanford
Steve Hoy Band 198?
Billy London and The Bastards 1991
Tanya Lee Band 1992 James Bell, Doug Kelly, Sam Lemann, Andy Price
Steve Hoy and The Lost Millions 1992
The Feeling Groovies 1993-present Jeff Raglus, Tom Roberts, Andy Price, Doug Kelly 
Paul Kelly Band 1994-present
Singers For The Red Black and Gold 1997
Colin Hay Band 1998
The Casuals 199?- Stephen Hadley, Peter Luscombe
Professor Ratbaggy 1999-
The Hornets 2002
Kutcha Edwards and Band 2002

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