Adelaide/Sydney 1979-



Twilight Of Mischeif         1982

LP   AUS   DeLuxe

Where Angels Fear To Tread   1983

LP   AUS   Brighton

BBC Rock Hour                1984


Knocking On Heaven's Door    1986



Cocks Mick (g) 1979-1983 Rose Tattoo, Head Hunters, Illustrated Men, Wild Colonial Boys, Rolling Clones, Heart Attack, Swanee, Peter Wells Band
Cummingham Mark (g) 1985- Rick Derringer Band (USA)
Dimitroff Tommy (d) 1985- Dukes
Evans Mark (b) 1983-1984 AC/DC, Finch, Contraband, Cheetah, Swanee, Beast, Hellcats, The Headhunters, Rolling Clones, Party Boys, Sons Of Steel, The Tom Cats, Zoo
Feldman Dennis (b) 1984- Michael Schenker Group (USA), Balance (USA), Paul Stanley Band (USA)
Fryer Allen (v) 1979- Soldier, Heroes, Fat Lip
Haese John (g) -1982 Fat Lip, Mama's Darlin's
Kelly (Bradford) (g) 1982 Fat Lip, Hellcats, Swanee, Freight Train
Lalor John (d) 1983-1985 The Hurricanes, Dallimore, Stevie Wright Band, Back In Black, The Beast, Swanee, Cheetah
Marlowe Laurie (b) 1982 Fat Lip, Boss, Tough Luxury, Hellcats
Perry Mitch (g,k) 1985- Steeler (USA), Talas (USA), Michael Schenker Group (USA), Badd Boyz (USA), Cher's touring band (USA)
Renzella Bruno (g) 1984 Dukes, Ko Klub Kraze, Swanee, Stevie Wright's Hard Rain
Turtur Joe (d) 1979-1983 Fat Lip, The Beast, Hellcats, Tough Luxury, World of Honour

Sources of information: AC/DC Electric Shock, The AC/DC FAQ V2.27, Eddy M
© Magnus Holmgren
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