Hey Gringo

Melbourne 1993-present



I Was There   2000    9   Produced by Daryl Roberts, Nicky Bomba and Paul Gadsby


Funky Car     2003   14

CD   AUS   Sound Vault

Three         2005



Gadsby Paul (b,g,bv) 1993-present
Roberts Daryl (k,mand,g,harm,v) 1993-present Photo, Bandit, Fingerprint, Jimmy Witherspoon band (USA), Bobsy-Die, The Legends, The Breakaways

Bomba Nicky (d,perc,bv) 2000- Banana Oil, The Truth, John Butler Trio
Bongailas Laurie (sax) 2003- Wild Style, Pippa Wilson, Hoodoo King & The Impossibles, Cold Sweat
Burt Wayne (g,bv) Sneakers, Living Legends, Fabulaires, Rock Granite, Daddy Cool, Jo Jo Zep and The Falcons, Eternal Struggle, Rock Doctors, Nighthawks, Jane Clifton and The Go Go Boys, The Black Sorrows, Manic Rockers From Hell, The Possum Hunters, Big Kahoonas, The Fandangoes, The Giants
Flemming Kelvin (g)
Hannaford Ross (g) 2000-
Hoy Steve (g) 1998-
McLennan Iain (d) 1998-
Oldman Les (d) 2002- Fox, Running Trees, Blue Horizons, Andrea Marrs Blues Train, The GO
Orr Stuart (sax)
Putt Bill (g)
Strafford Brian (sax)
Vagg Sean (sax)
Williamson David 2000- (sax) Banana Oil, Yoyo

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