High Rise Bombers

Melbourne 1977-1978


Contribution to album

The Melbourne Club   1981


Armiger Martin (g,v) 1977-1978
Cass 'Fred' Lee (b) 1977-1978 Red Angel Panic, Nineteen 87, The New 1987, Kaamra, Lip Arthur, Nostra Damus, Superlemon, Ready Rubbed, Fred Cass and The Cassettes
Dyson Chris (g,v) 1977-1978 Hot Cottage, The Cruisers, News, Stiletto, The Romantics, Paul Kelly and The Dots, Squeaky Girls, Beats Working, Seven
Ford Sally (sax) 1977-1978 Flying Tackle, The Kevins, The Escalators, The Black Sorrows, Washington Wives, Kenny Lopez Sex Mambo
Kelly Paul (v,g) 1977-1978
Langman Chris (g,v) 1978 Spare Change, Parachute, Paul Kelly and The Dots, Glory Boys, Talk Show
Lloyd John (d) 1977-1978 Relaxed Mechanics, Peter Lillee Band, Spanners, The Cruisers, Paul Kelly and The Dots, Icehouse, Sardine v, The Chrysalids, The Good Intentions
Shadwick Keith (sax) 1977-1978 King Biscuit, Uncle Bob's Band, Sun

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