Bones Hillman


Session musician

Rob Hirst and The Ghostwriters   cd    Fibromoon          1999
Finn Brothers                    cds
Dave Dobbyn                      cd    Available Light    2004
Donald Reid                      cd    In A Taxi Home     2005
UKA                                                       2005
The Ordinary Fear of God         cd    My Hand My Heart   2005


The Masochists (NZ) 1977
Suburban Reptiles (NZ) 1978 Phil Judd, Buster Stiggs, Zero, Jimmy Vinyl, Tony Baldock, Paul Crowther
The Swingers 1979-1982
Coconut Rough (NZ) 1984
Thunder Downunder 1986
Midnight Oil 1987-2002
The Hunting Party 1996
Dave Dobbyn Band
The Ordinary Fear of God 2005-2006 Russell Crowe

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