Rob Hirst



Rob Hirst and The Ghostwriters:
Fibromoon                  1999   11   Produced by Rob Hirst, James Cadsky and Rick Grossman

CD   AUS   Ghostwriters GH003 (issued 2000)

Rob Hirst and Paul Greene:
In The Stealth Of Summer   2005   12   Produced by Rob Hirst, D.C. and Dean Belcastro

CD   AUS   ABC/Warner
     AUS   ABC/Warner 5046798662 (limited edition with bonus live DVD, digipak)


Sundogs   s   Bang Bang Johnny   1986

Session musician

Gordon Franklin   s   Let The Franklin Flow   1983
Gondwanaland     lp   Terra Incognita         1984
Neil Murray      cd   These Hands             1993
John Schumann    cd   True Believers          1993
Various          cd   Good Vibrations         1998
Paul Greene      cd   Reset                   2006
Jim Moginie      cd   Alas Folkloric          2006


Stanley Street Band
Farm 1972-1976 Peter Garrett, Jim Moginie, Martin Rotsey, Andrew James
Midnight Oil 1976-2002
Australian Olympians 1988
The Gubbs 1989 Mark Callaghan, Rick Grossman, Michael Hiron, Craig Hooper, Robbie James, Geoff Stapleton, Rick Swinn, James Valentine
The Ghostwriters 1990-present
The Backsliders 2001-present
The Kelly Gang 2004
Angry Tradesmen 2004-

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