Greg Hitchcock



Tim Finn   cd   Steel City (Soundtrack)   1998


The GoStarts 1982-1983 Ray Bacich, Guido Berini, Dom Mariani, Bob Scorer, Velo Zupanovich
Graverobbers 1984-1985 Guido Berini, Dave Shaw, Velo Zupanovich
The Bamboos 1986-1987 Tony Chiallella, Mark Gelmi, Craig Hallsworth, Russell Hopkinson, Shakir Pichler, Roger Russell
Stonefish 1986
The Neptunes 1987-1989
The Kryptonics 1987-1988 Ian Underwood, Jeff Halley, Rusty Hopkinson
The Cracked Jaffers 1990 David Grabau, Gordon John, Joe McGrath, Justin Ward, Richard Whelan
The Sunbeams 1991 Paula Belcastro, Sophia Gare, Andrew Graham, Danielle Hemery, Ross Philpott, Dan Tarrant
The Hooley Dooleys 1991 Rob Findlay, Julian Mathews, Dave Shaw, Richard Whelan
The New Christs 1992
The Boom Babies 1992-1994 Anna Gare, Sophia Gare, Andrew Graham, Dave Shaw
The Verys 1995 Tim Oxley
Challenger 7 1995
You Am I 1996-1997
The Dearhunters 1998-present
The Monarchs 1999-2002

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