Russell Hitchcock



Russell Hitchcock       1988   10

LP          AUS   Arista
            USA   Arista

Swear To Your Heart     1990    2

CD-Single   USA   Hollywood

Without You             1991    2   Produced by Harry Maslin

CD-Single   USA   Giant/Warner (solo single taken from Air Supply "The Earth Is..." album)

Love Songs              199?   14

MC          HOL   (3/14 tracks, released under the name "Air Supply")

Air Supply Collection   199?   16

CD          ???   (?/16 tracks, released under the name "Air Supply")

with Judith Durham and Mandawuy Yunupingu:
I Am Australian         1997    1

CD-Single   AUS   EMI

Session musician

Anne Kirkpatrick   lp   L.T.S.K.F.N.             1976
Jon English        lp   Hollywood Seven          1976
Daryl Cotton       lp   Best Seat In The House   1980
Rita Coolidge      cd   Behind The Memories      1995


19th Generation 1967
Air Supply 1975-present

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