The Hitmen/Hitmen D.T.K.

Sydney 1977-1984/1989-1992



The Hitmen:
Didn't Tell The Man            1979    2

Single   AUS   WEA 100095 (no PS)

I Want You                     1980    2

Single   AUS   WEA 100129
         ITA   WEA Y70005

The Hitmen                     1981   10   Produced by Mark Opitz

LP       AUS   WEA 600097
         ITA   WEA (issued 1987)

Everybody Knows                1982    2

Single   AUS   RCA 103982

It Is What It Is!              1982   12   Produced by Bruce Brown and Russel Dunlop

CD       AUS   Sony 466073-2
         GER   Rattlesnake/Normal RAT 509 CD (issued 1991, 2 bonus tracks; "Everybody Knows" and "I Didn't Want To Love You", re-mixed 1990)

LP       AUS   RCA VPL1-0403

Tora Tora DTK                  1984   12   Produced by Ian Davies and Chris Masuak

CD       AUS   CBS 466073.2 (issued 19??)
         GER   Rattlesnake/Normal RAT 502 CD (issued 1989)

LP       AUS   ABC L38240
         AUS   CBS 466073.1 (re-issue)
         GER   Rattlesnake/Normal RAT 502 (issued 1989)

78-82                          1988   14

CD       AUS   Survival SRCD04

LP       AUS   Survival SRLP04

Hitmen D.T.K:
U.E.L.A.                       1989    4   Produced by Chris Masuak

EP       AUS   Survival 655416-6

Moronic Inferno                1991   11   Produced by Andy Bradley and Chris Masuak

CD       AUS   Zeus Z58CHEVY (1 bonus track "Little Black Dress")

LP       AUS   Zeus Z58CHEVY

Surfin' In Another Direction   1992   13

CD       AUS   Zeus
         FRA   Revenge MIG45/842618 (3 bonus tracks)

Members (The Hitmen)

Banesevic Peter (g) 19?? ---
Bramley Clyde (b) 1978 Streetlife, The Other Side, New Race, The New Christs, Angie Pepper Band, Super K, Hoodoo Gurus, Naked Lunch, Damien Lovelock's Wigworld, The Madisons
Brown Alan (d) 1978 The Proteens, The Passengers, Flaming Hands
Georges Charlie (g) 1977-1978 Frozen Stiffs, The Hellcats, Psycho Surgeons, The Other Side
Gilbert Warwick (b,bv,g) 1977,1978-1981 Radio Birdman, New Race, The Rats, Lime Spiders, Flathead, Raouls
Harris Steve (k,g) 1978 The Visitors, Nobodies, The Passengers, Flaming Hands, Angie Pepper Band, Johnny Kannis and Night Train, Johnny Kannis Explosion
Hay Ivor (d) 1978-1979 The Saints, Angie Pepper Group, Wildlife Documentaries, Chris Boy King and The Kamloops Swing
Jakimyszyn Richard (g,bv) 1984 Lime Spiders, The New Christs, Johnny Kannis Band, The Warm Jets
Kannis Johnny (v) 1977-1984
Keeley Ron (d) 1977 The Rats, Radio Birdman, The Visitors, The Other Side
Kingsmill Mark (d,bv) 1979-1984 The Hellcats, The Other Side, Super K, The New Christs, The Screaming Tribesmen, Hoodoo Gurus, Good Vibrations (session), The Moops, Persian Rugs
Masuak Chris (g,bv) 1978-1984
Pepper Angie (bv) 1977-1978 The Passengers, Angie Pepper Band, Deniz Tek Band
Peterkin Geoff (d) 1979 Seckond Movement, Mode, Highway, Captain Midnight, Springwater, Ol' 55, Breakers, ASIO, Frankie and Willy, Blow Out, F.J. Holden and The Hounds of Sounds
Phillips Lynne (bv) 1978 Johnny Kannis and Night Train
Robertson Tony (b,bv) 1981-1984 The 31st, The New Christs, The Screaming Tribesmen, Johnny Kannis Band, Naked Lunch, Johnny Kannis Explosion, Da Brudders, The Punjabbers, Flying Tigers
Shepherd Brad (g,bv) 1981-1982
Somerville Phil (b) 1978-1979 Miss B. Haven, Coupe De Ville, Chris Boy King and The Kamloops Swing
Vidale Tony (g) 1979-1981

Members (Hitmen D.T.K.)

Bennetts Gye (d) 1989-1990 The Products, Terminal Twist, Agents, Tablewaiters, Johnny Kannis Band, Roddy Radalj and The Surfin' Caesars, Psychotic Turnbuckles, Klondike's North 40
Cooke Shane (b) 1991-1992 Vampire Lovers, Les Bon Bons, The Four Horsemen, The Girlies, Raggedy Man
Ferguson Brad (b) 1989-1990 Moulin Rouge, Viscounts, Voodoo Lust, Snake Chalmers, The Upsets, Juke Savages
Kannis Johnny (v) 1989-1992
Le Noury Matt (g) 1989-1990 Vampire Lovers, The Four Horsemen, Flying Tigers, Hydrosaurus
Masuak Chris (g,bv) 1989-1992
Presland Gerard (d) 1991-1992 Bloodshot, Vanilla Chainsaws
Satler Bob (g) 1991-1992 Sunny Australians, Johnny Kannis Band, Johnny Kannis Explosion, Roddy Rayda and The Surfin' Caesars
Tek Deniz (g) 1991 tour

Sources of information: Didier Georgieff, Radio Birdman Discography by Henry Weld - Version 10.4 7/12/1997, Craig Regan, Divine Rites, Gye Bennetts
© Magnus Holmgren
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