Jimi "The Human" Hocking



Jimi The Human and Spectre 7:
No Turning Back            1990   ??   Produced by Peter Blyton

CD   AUS   Avenue

The Official Bootleg       1991

CD   AUS   (only available at shows and through mail order)

Living In Luxury           1993

CD   AUS   Primitive

Jimi Hocking:
The Ultimate Bootleg       1996   18

CD   AUS   Feral/Blah Blah Blah HI002

Jimi Hocking and The Human Condition:
The Great B-Grade Remake   1997

CD   AUS   Blah Blah Blah


The Astro Boys 198? Peter German, Glen Miles, Christian Muehlke
Fame and Misfortune TV-series 1984
Emerging soundtrack 1985
Astros 1986-1988
The Housewarmers 1987 Peter German, Greg Pedley
The Angels 1988 tour
Jimi The Human and Spectre 7 1989-1992 Josie Jason, Christian Muehike, Didi Kies
Jimi Hocking Band 1993
Screaming Jets 1993-1997
Jimi and The Human Condition

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