Melbourne 1986-



Blue Trains and Gravel Lanes   1986

CD        AUS   Au Go Go ANDA 123 (issued 1990)

Mini-LP   AUS   Spirit

This Is Cactus Land            1987   ??   Produced by Joe Camilleri

Mini-LP   AUS   Rampant

Broken Stuff                   1987

LP        AUS   Au Go Go ANDA 068

Live And Otherwise             1988

Mini-LP   AUS   Au Go Go ANDA 071

So Long                        1989

CD        AUS   Au Go Go ANDA 112

LP        AUS   Au Go Go ANDA 112

Contribution to album

Used And Recovered By   1990


Baxter Billy (v) 1986-
Butler Danny (b) 1986- Burning Souls, Moonshot
Cuthbertson Archie (d) 1987 Never Never Band, Acrobats, Ghetto Blasters, Mick Bowden and The Cyclones, Squeeze Box Wally, Pale Blue Eyes
Drayton John (b) 1987- Ordinary Man, Pale Blue Eyes
Hearnden Gina (g,v) 1988- MacGuffins, The Snow Leopards, The Catalinas
Johnstone Paul (d) 1986- Burning Souls, Pale Blue Eyes, Skalliwags, Sweet as Sin, Aloi Head and the Victor Motors
Stanley Mal (g) 1986- Burning Souls, Pale Blue Eyes
Von Goes Jon (g) 1986-1987 Burning Souls, Skalliwags, Aloi Head and The Victor Motors
Waters Barb (g,v) 1987-

Sources of information: Paul Johnstone
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