Craig Hooper



Crystal Set   mlp   Cluster   1988

Session musician

Red Giant          mlp   Red Giant              1986
Rockmelons         mlp   Six On The Floor       1988
Curious (Yellow)   ep    I Am Curious           1988
Ross Wilson        lp    Dark Side Of The Man   1989


Native Sons 197? Dave Mason, John Bliss
The Brucelanders 197?-1977 Dave Mason, John Bliss, Paul Abrahams
The Reels 1977-1983,1985-1992
Do Re Mi 198?
The Church 1984
The Mullanes 1985 Neil Finn, Paul Hester, Nick Seymour
Crystal Set 198?
The Gubbs 1989 Mark Callaghan, Rick Grossman, Michael Hiron, Rob Hirst, Robbie James, Geoff Stapleton, Rick Swinn, James Valentine

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