Stephen Housden



New World Groove   1993   10   Produced by Stephen Housden and Anthony J. Fossey

CD   AUS   Tune Seven CDT7001

Session musician

Marcia Hines        lp   Marcia Shines                         1975
Marcia Hines        lp   Ladies And Gentlemen - Marcia Hines   1977
Southern Star       lp   I'll Be Around                        1979
Malcolm McCallum    lp   Victims In Paradise                   1980
Kevin Johnson       lp   Night Rider                           1981
J Ashcroft          lp   A.T.F.C.                              1981
Marc Hunter         lp   Big City Talk                         1981
Sharon O'Neill      lp   Maybe                                 1981
Doug Ashdown        lp   The World For The Right Kind Of Man   1983
Christon Barker     lp   Side By Side                          1983
Normie Rowe         lp   Out Of The Blue Avenue                1984
Brian Cadd          lp   No Stone Unturned                     1985
Marc Hunter         lp   Communication                         1986
D Fisk              lp   T.T.K.                                1986
James Reyne         cd   Electric Digger Dandy                 1991
Graham Goble        cd   Nautilus                              1993
Graham Goble        cd   Stop                                  1995
Denisese Morrison   lp   S.I.F.Y.                              19??


Nitro 1972 Peter Deacon, Malcolm Wakeford
Stevie Wright Band 197?
Imports 1980-1981 Claude Carranza, Kevin Cooney, Simon Gillies, Malcolm Wakeford
Little River Band 1981-1986,1988-2005
Blowout 1985 Jeremy Allsop, Paul Grabowsky, David Hirschfelder, Peter Luscombe, Wayne Nelson
The Nazz 1987
The Purple Dentists 1988 George Butrumlis
Broken Voices 1990-1991
Strange Bedfellows 1992

Sources of information: Stefan Warnqvist, Stephen Housden
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