Jack Howard



Lo Stresso Tempo         2000    5   Produced by Jack Howard, Barry Stockley and Lawrence Maddy

CD-EP   AUS   Corduroy CORD068

Secrets and White Lies   2002   15   Produced by Jack Howard and Barry Stockley

CD      AUS   Laughing Outlaw LORCD-035

Jack Howard and The Long Lost Brothers:
Let's Fall In Love       2004   12

CD      AUS   MGM

Session musician

Harem Scarem          lp   Lo and Behold            1988
Not Drowning Waving   cd   Hammers Over The Anvil   1993
Died Pretty           cd   Trace                    1993
The Living End        cd   Roll On                  2000
The Living End        cd   State of Emergency       2006


Hunters and Collectors 1984-1998
Crown Of Thorns 1991
Jack Howard and The Long Lost Brothers 200?-present

Members (Jack Howard and The Long Lost Brothers)

Del Ray Nicky (g,bv)
Howard Jack (v,trump,k)
Hynes Greg (d)
McBeath Mal (b,bv)

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