Marcia Howard



Butterfly   2000   13


Session musician

Joe Geia           lp   Yil Lull                                     1988
Shane Howard       lp   Back To The Track                            1988
Shane Howard       cd   River                                        1990
Shane Howard       cd   Time Will Tell                               1993
Shane Howard       cd   Live In Ireland, Australia and New Zealand   1994
Shane Howard       cd   Clan                                         1996
Kavisha Mazzella   cd   Fisherman's Daughter                         1998
Dave Steel         cd   Edge Of The World                            1999
Rose Bygrave       cd   White Bird                                   1999
Shane Howard       cd   Hope's End Bridge                            2001
Oriel Glennan      cd   Two Pink Turtles
Ploughboys         cd   Field of Opportunity
Colin Buchanan     cd   Measure Of A Man


Goanna 1982-1985,1998
White Light Orchestra 1986
Shane Howard and Friends 198?
Shane Howard Band 1987-1988,1991

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