Rowland S. Howard



Teenage Snuff Film                   1999

CD          AUS   Reliant Records?

with Lydia Lunch [Shotgun Wedding]:
Some Velvet Morning                  1982    2

Single      UK    4AD BAD 210 (Insert)

Shotgun Wedding                      1991    9   Produced by J.G. Thirlwell

CD          UK    UFO WSP2CD
            USA   Triple X 51111-2

Transmutation/Shotgun Wedding Live   1994   23

Double-CD   AUS   Insipid Vinyl IV 34

with Nikki Sudden:
Wedding Hotel                        1987    4

EP          UK    Creation

Kiss You Kidnapped Charabanc         1987    9

CD          UK    Creation CRECD 022 (includes "Wedding Hotel" EP + 1 bonus track)

LP          UK    Creation

Dead Men Tell No Tales               1988   10

LP          UK    Creation

Dead Men Tell No Tales/Texas         1990

CD          UK    Creation CRE CD 016 (as "Nikki Sudden and the Jacobites")

Session musician

Peter Lillee                     s     Samurai Star                 1980
Peter Lillee                     lp    Guitar Method                1981
Einstuerzende Neubauten          12"   Thirsty Animal               1982
Fad Gadget                       lp    Gag                          1984
Frank Tovey                      lp    The Fad Gadget Singles       1986
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds      lp    Kicking Against The Pricks   1986
A.C. Marias                      12"   Time Was                     1987
Nikki Sudden and The Jacobites   lp    Texas                        1987
Jeremy Gluck                     lp    I Knew Buffalo Bill          1987
Jeremy Gluck                     mlp   Burning Skulls Rise          1988
Lydia Lunch                      lp    Honeymoon In Red             1988
Henry Rollins                    lp    Short Walk On a Long Pier    1989
Barry Adamson                    lp    Moss Side Story              1989
Barry Adamson                    cd    Delusion (Soundtrack)        1991
Epic Soundtrax                   cd    Rise Above                   1992
Spencer P. Jones                 cd    Rumour Of Death              1994
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds      cd    Let Love In                  1994
Chris Haskett                    cd    Language                     1995
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds      cd    Murder Ballads               1996


Tootho and Ring of Confidence 1974-1976
The Obsessions 1977 Simon McLean, Graeme Pitt, Rob Wellington
Young Charlatans 1977-1978 Janine Hall, John McKinnon, Ian Olsen, Jef Wegener
Boys Next Door 1978-1980
Birthday Party 1980-1983
Tuff Monks 1982
Crime and The City Solution 1984-1986
These Immortal Souls (UK) 1986-

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