Shane Howard



Back To The Track                            1988   ??   Produced by Shane Howard

LP          AUS   Uluru/RCA

River                                        1990   11   Produced by Mark Moffatt with Shane Howard

CD          AUS   BMG VPCD 0827

MC          AUS   BMG

Time Will Tell                               1993   16   Produced by Shane Howard with Phil Butson, Ross Cockle and Michael Letho

CD          AUS   BMG 74321162432

Live in Ireland, Australia and New Zealand   1994   13

CD          AUS   Big Heart/ABC
            AUS   (re-issue 1999, new artwork)

Clan                                         1996   11   Produced by Shane Howard

CD          AUS   Big Heart/ABC

MC          AUS   Big Heart/ABC

Beyond Hope's Bridge                         2001

CD          AUS

with Hothouse Flowers:
Escape From Reality                          1991    3   Produced by Roger Mason and Shane Howard

CD-Single   AUS   

Contribution to album

Going Home    1993
Earth Music   1994


The Pigram Brothers   cd   Saltwater Country   1997
Goanna                cd   Spirit Returns      1998

Session musician

Redgum          lp   Midnight Sun   1986
Scrap Metal     cd   Scrap Metal    1990
Steve Grace     cd   Liberty Road   1992
Marcia Howard   cd   Butterfly      2000


Goanna Band 1977-1985,1998
Shane Howard and Friends 1986-1987 Simon Curphy, Joe Imbrol, Dave Stewart, Marcia Howard, Joe Geia
Shane Howard Band 1987-1988,1991 Amanda Brown, Simon Corphy, Joe Geia, Peter German, Damien Howard, Marcia Howard, Mick King, Roger Mason, Greg Pedley, John Watson, Bart Willoughby, Paul Worrell
Shane Howard and The Big Heart Band 1990- Tim Reeves, Bart Willoughby, Ricky Fataar, Jo Imbrol, Taya Francis, Mark Moffatt, Mark Punch, Rose Bygrave, Andy Thompson, Mike Gubb, Tim Wedde, Bill Jacobi, Dave Goesch, Ross Hannaford
Outback By The Sea soundtrack 1992

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