Steve Hoy



Anticipation        1984   ??   Produced by Joe Camilleri

LP        AUS   Spirit

Possession          1987

Mini-LP   AUS   Mighty Boy

Raindance           1989    2

Single    AUS   A&M/Polydor

Break Up Fall Out   1989    2

Single    AUS   A&M/Polydor

Life Next Door      1990   ??   Produced by Mark Moffatt

CD        AUS   A&M/Polydor

Self Defence        1994   12   Produced by Steve Hoy and Trevor Reading

CD        AUS   Siren
          AUS   Fable/EMI 8326972 (re-issue 1995)


Lisa Miller   cdep   Do That For You   1995


Musical Flags
Steve Hoy and The Hoy Boys 1983-1988
The Vic State Opry 198? Chris Stockley, Garrett Costigan
Steve Hoy Band 1988-1990
Steve Hoy and The Lost Millions 1991-1992
The Mysterious Handsome Brothers 1992 Cletis Carr
Hey Gringo

Members (Steve Hoy and The Hoy Boys)

Greig Mark (g) 1986-1988
Hamston Grant (d) 1985-1988 Breeze, The Runners, Brave Men, The Blue Healers, The Glee Club
Hoy Steve (v,g) 1983-1988
McNaughton Paul (b) 1985-1988

Members (Steve Hoy Band)

Benjamin Hughie (d) 1990 Lifesavers, Big Storm, Yothu Yindi
Bennett Kevin (g) 1990 Honeymoon, Moving Pictures, Wild Colonial Boys, Chasin' The Train, Six Amigos, David Mason-Cox and The Wild Armadillos, Australia Too, Good Vibrations (track + session)
Costigan Garrett (pd st) Gherkin The Jerkin, The Danglin' Brothers, Cletis Carr Band, Andrew Sefton and Big Whiskey
Gough Les (b) 1988
Haymes Bruce (k) 198?
Hoy Steve (g,v) 1988-1990
Imbroll Joe (b) 1990 Forecast, Scratch, John Farnham Band, Tour De Force, Brian Cadd Band, Adrian's Wall, Wendy and The Rockets, Goanna, Ka Ha, Ian Moss Band, Broderick Smith and The Noveltones, Brian Cadd and Max Merritt Band, Glee Club, The Chantoozies, Kitto
Linden Peter (pd st) 19?? Wallace White and The Wingwalkers, Billy Jack, Moonie Valley Drifters, The Slaughtermen
Stockley Chris (g) 1988,1990
Watson Colin (g) 19?? Slim Dusty, Reg Lindsay, Levi Smith's Clefs, The Hard Rockin' Dudes, Louis Tillett and His Cast of Aspersions, Anne Kirkpatrick Band, Sinners Saved By Grace

Members (Steve Hoy and The Lost Millions)

Costigan Garrett (pd st) 1992 Gherkin The Jerkin, The Danglin' Brothers, Cletis Carr Band, Andrew Sefton and Big Whiskey
Geappon Robbie (b) 1992 Phil Manning Band, Mick Pealing and The Ideals, Russell Morris and The Rubes, Joyce Brothers, Mal Eastick Band, Cletis Carr Band, Fresh, The Giants
Hannaford Ross (g,bv) 1992 The Fauves, The Pink Finks, The Party Machine, Sons Of The Vegetal Mother, Daddy Cool, Mighty Kong, Mark Gillespie Band, Goanna, Relax With Max, Little Red Rooster, Ian Moss Band, The Drawcards
Haymes Bruce (k) 1992
Hoy Steve (g,v) 1991-1992
Martin Scott (d) 1992 The Strangeloves

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