The Hummingbirds

Sydney 1986-1993



Alimony                           1987    2

Single       AUS   Phantom PH-24

Get On Down/Everything You Said   1988    2

Single       AUS   Phantom PH-26 (first 200 handpainted sleeves)

Swim To Shore                     1988    2

Single       AUS   Phantom PH-27

Hindsight                         1988    2

Single       AUS   Phantom PH-29 (first edition limited of 1500, first 100 with gold print, next 400 with grey print, final 1000 with yellow print)

The Quatro Singles                1988    8

Single-Box   AUS   Phantom PHPACK-1 (limited edition of 500, the 4 Phantom singles in hard plastic cases and different vinyl colours)

LoveBUZZ                          1989   14   Produced by Mitch Easter

CD           AUS   rooArt 838 679-2
             GER   rooArt 838 679-2

LP           AUS   rooArt 838 679-1 (first issue included a poster, next issue included a fabric badge)
             GER   rooArt 838 679-1

MC           AUS   rooArt 838 679-4
             GER   rooArt 838 679-4

Va Va Voom                        1991   14   Produced by Mitch Easter

CD           AUS   rooArt 848 531-2

LP           AUS   rooArt 848 531-1 (also released as a limited edition of 500 with extra plastic sleeve)

(Just Gotta) Know My Mind         1992   ??   Produced by Nick Mainsbridge

CD-EP        AUS   rooArt 903177300-2

Gone                              1993    4


Tail                              1993    4


Shared with Ratcat:
Depression/Everything You Said    1989    2

Single       AUS   birdcat 303037 (gig freebie, limited edition of 500)

Contribution to album

Assorted Desecrations and Magnificent Mutations   1988
Young Blood                                       1988


Boyce John (b) 1986-1987 The Bug Eyed Monsters
Dalton Nic (b) 1990,1992
Holmes Simon (g,v) 1986-1993
Melder Shane (d) 1992-1993 Baton Rouge, Vincent Van Go Gos, Spy Alive, Spiral, Dazychains, Died Pretty, David McCormack and The Polaroids
Russack Alannah (g,v) 1986-1993 Piggy in The Middle
St. Clare Robyn (b,v) 1987-1993 Butcher's Picnic, Love Positions, Godstar
Temple Mark (d) 1986-1992 The Bug Eyed Monsters, Butcher's Picnic, Growl

Sources of information: Sound Affects #9
© Magnus Holmgren
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