Marc Hunter



Fiji Bitter         1979

LP       AUS   PolyGram

Big City Talk       1981   12   Produced by Todd Hunter and Marc Hunter

LP       AUS   Mercury 6437 141

MC       AUS   Mercury 7201 141

Communication       1984    2   Produced by Todd Hunter

Single   AUS   PolyGram

Empty Beach         1985    2   Produced by Don Walker

Single   AUS   PolyGram

Communication       1986   ??   Produced by Alan Mansfield

LP       AUS   PolyGram

Night And Day       1990   ??   Produced by Keith Walker

CD       AUS   ABC

Talk To Strangers   1994   10   Produced by Marc Hunter, Mark Walmsley and David Hirschfelder

CD       AUS   Roadshow 14510-2

Session musician

Kevin Borich      mlp   Shy Boys Shy Girls        1981
Debbie Byrne      lp    The Persuader             1985
Australia Too     s     The Garden                1985
Richard Clapton   lp    Glory Road                1987
Various           lp    ABC Children's Series 0   1989


Quintessance (NZ) -1973
Dragon 1973-1979
Marc Hunter and The Romantics 1979 Harvey James, John Annas
Marc Hunter Band 1979,1981
The Headhunters 1980 Kevin Borich, Mick Cocks, Todd Hunter, John Watson
Dragon 1982-1989
The Party Boys 1984
Wild Colonial Boys 1988 Angry Anderson, Kevin Bennett, Mick Cocks, Ian Lees, Kirk Lorange, Alan Mansfield, Mark Meyer, Sharon O'Neill
Borich-Hunter Band 1991 Kevin Borich, Geoff Bartolomei, Dario Bortalini, Calvin Welch
Dragon 1995
died 1998

Sources of information: Chuck Miller
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